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Breathe Relax Meditate

Your Way to a Healthier Happier You

Are you seeking inner peace and balance from your often-stressful lifestyle? It is generally well accepted amongst medical professionals that a regular meditation and relaxation practice may be one the smartest lifestyle choices you could make to help release the unwanted effects of stress, anxiety and even manage pain. Promoting greater resilience, balance and wellbeing. So don’t waste any more time procrastinating – make a commitment to yourself and do all you can to increase your personal wellbeing now!

You have nothing to lose except your stress!

Classes are currently on holidays.

Call or email for details.


All levels of experience are welcome, including beginners.


Deep relaxation, Mindfulness, Zen, Pain Relief, Mantra and Guided Meditative Journeys.

What to wear:

Comfortable relaxed clothing

What to bring:

Bottle of water, a pillow and yoga mat if you wish to lie on the floor during meditation



Teacher/Facilitator: Tracey Shaw (IMTTA Certified in

Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development)

All Bookings & Enquiries

Tracey (0407 104 615)


Enjoy these prerecorded meditations anywhere you can play an MP3 recording