Angelic Reiki 3rd & 4th Degree Master’s Workshop

Certified Workshop

Tracey Maree Shaw

Hosted by Tracey Shaw (Angelic Reiki Master Teacher)

Held In the Land of Oz (Australia)

Are you a certified 1st and 2nd Degree Angelic Reiki Practitioner?

It is with great pleasure that I am able to offer you this opportunity to progress to the next level in the Angelic Reiki Healing System, and receive an Upgrade to your personal Mastership. This will align you with furthering your own spiritual development and provide the avenue to be able to teach the Angelic Reiki System to students and future Masters through the Angelic Reiki Workshops.

This Angelic Reiki 3rd and 4th Degree, Masters Level Workshop is being taught over three full days, and encompasses the Galactic Energy of Ascension, initiating you into the Master Energy of the Angelic Reiki System. It places you squarely in your own spiritual power and knowledge of yourself as the Master that you truly are, as well as awakening your spiritual talents, and rest assured that this will occur in the most perfect way for you.

This workshop will attune you to several advanced Angelic Reiki Master symbols. You will continue to work with, and receive ongoing guidance from Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Specialty healers, and learn how to allow these high vibrational energies work with and through you, for your own spiritual growth and development, and to assist others through this dynamic healing. It will open you up to your gifts and spiritual talents, possibly revealing or clarifying your life’s purpose and greater knowledge of the Universe and Cosmos. 

This workshop gifts you with:

  • Revisiting healing techniques taught in the Level 1 & 2 workshop;

  • Opportunities to share further healing experiences;

  • Healing using Eye Contact (Healing Groups) – An Advanced Mastery level technique as used in ancient Atlantis;

  • Healing with Soul Group, and energies of the Divine Presence and Divine Blessing – Mastery level Angelic Reiki techniques.

  • 13 Reiki symbols which are a gateway to multidimensional healing, activated to Angelic level through the 7 levels of form and Divine form, by Archangel Metatron;

  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 3rd and 4th Degree levels;

  • Gifts of higher knowledge given by the Sarim, the Princes of the Angelic Kingdom;

  • Healing practice sessions;

  • Learning how to assist people through the dying process;

  • Advice on how to teach Angelic Reiki workshops and to facilitate Angelic Reiki attunements;

  • A comprehensive Master Teacher manual;

  • Certificate of Angelic Reiki 3rd and 4th Degree Master Teacher

What to bring

A healing crystal

Bottle of water

Some food to share with each of your classmates

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