Heal the Healer

Healing Circle Mini Workshop

Tracey Maree Shaw

Hosted by Tracey Shaw (Angelic Reiki Master Teacher)

Held In the Land of Oz (Australia)

Reconnect with other Angelic Reiki Practitioners and Masters

A 4-hour mini-workshop to re-experience being enveloped in that unconditional love and luminous light of the Angelic Kingdom of Light – our Angelic coworkers in Angelic Reiki.

More Information

*          Guided Meditation

*          Cleansing and clearing our energies

*          Creation of a sacred space with 6 Archangels (Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Sandalphon & Metatron)

*          Q & A

*          A glorious exchange of giving and receiving Angelic Reiki through the main healing methods:

            *          Healing as a Channel and Third Eye

            *          Healing with the Ascended Masters & Galactic Specialists

            *          Multidimensional Healing – Past Lives

*          Yummy morning tea and time to catch up with our Angelic Reiki Family.


Get in some much-needed practice especially if you are intending to do Angelic Reiki 3rd and 4th Degree Master Teachers Workshop, as you will need three Case Studies completed before you can do the level 3 & 4 workshop.

What to bring

Your healing crystal

Bottle of water

Some food to share with each of your classmates

Email for more information

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For enquiries and bookings about

Heal the Healer Workshop

call Tracey Maree Shaw on 0407 104 615

or email: tracey@seekjoy.com.au

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