massaging a footReflexology is a very useful healing modality

Reflexology or Zone therapy as it is also known, is a simple, non-invasive technique used to assist the body to achieve optimal health, relieve stress and promote wellbeing. It’s practice dates back thousands of years to Ancient China and Egypt, but was introduced to western society by a number of pivotal people, namely Dr William Fitzgerald and Eunice Ingram, last century.

It entails the application of firm pressure, particularly through fingers and thumbs, directly to ‘reflex points’ located on the hands and feet. This stimulates the movement of energy or chi throughout the body, which directly impacts the related body system (digestive, nervous, urinary, circulatory, lymphatic) or organ (lungs, pancreas, liver, heart, intestines) or body part (head, neck, toe, elbow, hip), encouraging and assisting the body to heal itself. Reflexology is most useful as a preventative healthcare measure, but is also immensely helpful improving many types of physical and emotional health issues.

There is lots of information I can share with you, at your request, including supportive research studies carried out, eg. cancer, diabetes, MS, pain management.

I encourage you to make an appointment, visit my clinic in Picton and experience for yourself the health improvements reflexology can make.