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by Tracey Maree Shaw

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Did you know that regular mindfulness meditation could actually be one of the most practical things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing? It is true!

Here you will find recordings of Tracey’s regular Monday night meditation workshops. These MP3 recordings can be downloaded to your computer or listen to them on your smartphone. The mainstream research has shown that when you experience a state of relaxation, achieved through mindfulness meditation practice, the benefits are many and far-reaching, and include:

• Lowering stress levels
• Lowering chronic anxiety
• Positively affect and lower depressive feelings
• Increasing calmness and inner peace
• Enhancing ability to deal with illness and/or chronic pain
• Lowering blood pressure
• Lowering heart rate
• Fewer colds and cases of flu
• Increasing mental focus, clarity in thinking and perception
• Increasing brain function
• Improving ability to self-heal

The following is a recap of items