Blue Angel

By mutual agreement, the Angels are giving permission to flow their healing vibrational energy into you, through me as your facilitator, to allow healing to take place from the ‘ground roots up’ so to speak. Example: If you have a sore, painful arm, the energy from the Angels could possible go directly to heal the arm, yes of course, but often they will work on the reason you had the sore arm as well. Let me explain: Let’s say that you had an accident and slipped over, falling on that arm. You may have broken a bone or strained or sprained your wrist – there is pain, swelling and inflammation, perhaps bruising, grazing, restricted movement resulting in possibly days or weeks off school, or work, leaving you with limited or no income to pay bills. Now you’re really feeling miserable, probably even sad, depressed and angry – wow that’s a lot of pain and suffering for falling over, right.  Whilst you have all these symptoms resulting from an ‘accident’ with your arm, there is always a root cause for any accident that you experience. Lets say, that day or any number of days leading up to your ‘accident’, you may have been feeling out of balance, perhaps because you had an angry exchange with your father, prior to your accident. The core reason you were out of balance and fell and injured yourself may not be just slippery ground beneath your feet, but it may have a root cause stemming from a difficult family relationship, causing you to feel off in your balance, bringing up emotions of anger, frustration, hurt, grief, sadness with your father. It could have pressed your ‘buttons’ regarding your own low self-worth. It’s interesting that when we are feeling off-balance, this is when we do stupid things, or cut ourselves or fall or injure ourselves. The Angels have a unique overall perspective or view of us, in that they are so well aware of what we really need in order for healing to take place, to bring us back into balance, restore our equilibrium emotionally, mentally and physically.

Angelic Reiki Benefits

Angelic Reiki treatments, for all kinds of reasons, are amazing and very often life altering, facilitating needed changes in your life.  Yet gentleness and simplicity lies at its very heart. If you are ready to let go of physical, genetic, emotional, mental or karmic imbalances, and allow the Angels to work directly at releasing the ‘core issues’ relating to an existing illness, pain or perplexing problem in your life, then Angelic Reiki can help you do this. The Angels know exactly what we need to bring about peace and harmony in our lives, and with our permission, they will assist us in any shifts we need to make to reclaim our health and wellbeing. So if you’re ready to move forward and heal, then let’s get started.

Angelic Reiki Healing Sessions

In a one-on-one healing session, I will channel in Angelic healing energy through my hands, which are placed on either your shoulders (if you are seated) or on your chest and solar plexus (if you are lying down).  A healing session generally lasts about one hour and you will always remain fully clothed throughout. The healing energy is channelled from the Angelic Realms via Healing Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, etc, and sometimes Galactic Specialist Healers. A session can extend to include multi-dimensional healing across generations and lifetimes. Wow, that’s huge!  Sometimes I will include the use of high vibrational crystals or other energetic tools such as flowers, bush flower essences or essential oils or mists, as I am guided.

I operate out of my beautiful -home-based clinic in Picton, preferably, however, if you are unable to attend my clinic, I am able to offer distance or remote healing, which is equally as powerful. The Angelic healing energy is not bound by our linear time and space constraints and can be sent anywhere in the world through the ‘ethers’.  I can also be of assistance in bringing in this Angelic Reiki Healing Energy to the beautiful animal kingdom, our dogs and cats and even wildlife through distance healing. Even more so, I can offer healing to a place or location, such as a hospital, nursing home, family home, etc. The sky is the limit, or should I say, heaven is the limit. The Angels are here as helpers for us, and our lovely planet Earth.

You will be surrounded in blissful tranquillity and completely cradled in the love of your Angels, Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other specialist healers. This is a transcendent experience and one worthy of self-love and the deep desire to heal.