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I have ready to use mists on the shelf or you can order your own individualised spray for specific purposes.

harmony bottle and labelsAll of my Crystal Aroma Aura Mists contain a specific-purpose healing crystalline elixir, which has been supercharged with the energies of light, love, beauty and grace under the luminous full moon. They are all perfectly complimented by living energies of pure essential oils derived from plants, trees and flowers.

Each bottle carries within it the perfect vibration of healing and harmony to: –

  • Uplift your spirits

  • Dissolve away stress and anxiety

  • Restore balance and harmony

  • Fully embody your femininity and strength

  • Clear and protect your aura from negativity and heaviness

  • Clear away energetic blockages

  • More love, joy and peace in your life

If you would like a personalised spray mist formulated for yourself please contact me to arrange a consultation. Consultations may be made face to face in my clinic here in Picton or by telephone or email. †

Tracey Maree Shaw

Tracey“I love using all of my mists, but Crystal Clear Mist is one of my absolute essentials to clear my energy and my healing room’s energy whenever I am working with people. Without knowing it, we pick up negative thoughts forms and energies that can attach to our own auric energy field, causing aggressive thoughts, depressive feelings, anxiety or just feeling very flighty. Crystal Clear Mist works to detach and remove any heavy, negative energy from you, leaving you feeling more clear and light.” – Tracey Maree Shaw

Jason“I have a regular meditation practice to help me calm myself after stressful days at work. The Crystal Sacred Space Mist really helps me to relax and let go. I find that I can let go of my mind chatter quicker than I used to. It really smells good too.” – Jason *


“I take my Archangel Michael Mist everywhere I go. It gives me confidence that I am safe, and my anxiety is getting better.” – Janet *

Marjorie“I have a very stressful job and I can’t live without my Crystal Calm Mist. Whenever I am feeling uptight, anxious, and can’t relax, I use my spray. I feel much calmer and refreshed. It even helps me sleep at night.” – Marjorie *

* The names have been changed for privacy reasons. Testimonials are from real clients.

† These products do not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases. If you have ongoing medical concerns please seek advice from your medical professional.