sunset over pyramidsSunlight – the source of life

The use of light therapy in medicine has a long history. The first light source used in photo medicine was natural sunlight. Even in ancient Egypt sunlight was used for medical treatments. Later, Hippocrates described the use of sunlight to cure various medical disorders. Roman and Arab physicians introduced light therapy into general medical use.

in 1903 Danish physician Niels Ryberg Finsen founded modern light therapy and was awarded with the Nobel Prize in medicine for his achievements. Finsen created the first device to generate technically synthesised sunlight. There are clear advantages in using technically synthesised sunrays: for example the parameters of intensity and the emitted light spectrum are controllable and therefore reproducible.

Today it is known that the human organism transforms light into electrochemical energy, which activates a chain of biochemical reactions within cells, stimulating metabolism and reinforcing the immune response of the entire human body.

The benefits of light therapy is generally accepted in medical circles and used around the globe in thousands of hospitals.

Newborn babies are treated for jaundice every day using light therapy. Light is shone on babies, who have the most delicate and tender example of human skin with the full expectation of curing a medical condition with no side effects.

The Benefits of light therapy:

Light Therapy can be used both as a complementary treatment to support conventional medical methods for certain indications or on its own as a mono therapy for certain indications.

Light Therapy can help:

  • Promote wound healing

  • Relief pain and decrease its intensity

  • Rejuvenate tired skin by stimulating the underlying tissues

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How can I benefit from BIOPTRON Light Therapy?

Wound Healing

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Pain Relief

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