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Natural Equilibrium Facials

Natural Equilibrium facial treatments are more aligned with traditional facials, however I use professional, all natural or organic products, which are aligned with my holistic philosophy: “Treat the skin like you would treat a cherished baby, with great love and tenderness, without causing harm. No nasty chemical burdens for the body to have to deal with later.” All my Natural Equilibrium Facials include a professional skin consultation and analysis followed by your prescription for fabulous, luminous healthy skin.  I use traditional steam therapy, extractions (if necessary), and very specific massage techniques to stimulate macro- and micro-dermal circulation and lymphatic drainage. This assists the body to eliminate toxins easily, encouraging a healthy environment for cellular regeneration and healing to occur. Enjoy this organic treatment in my Picton clinic.

harmony facial
harmony healing herbs
harmony facial and hands

Divine Beauty – Face, Body & Soul Therapies

“Divine Love” Re-Youthing Face Body & Soul (2 hours)                            

Self-Love, Refresh & Rejuvenate

“Divine Balance” Serenity Face Body & Soul (2 hours)                             

Restore Peace, Harmony & Equilibrium

“Divine Purity” Detox Face Body & Soul     (2 hours)                                

Deep Cleanse & Harmonize

“Floating on Clouds” Spa Pedicure (1 ½ hours)                                           

Completely relax and be pampered with the works!

 “Beach-Ready-Pedi” – Mini Pedicure (1 hour)                                          

Quick soak, exfoliate, buff, shape, moisturize, paint & out-the-door!

Add-onsFacial Waxing: – Eyebrows – Lip – Chin