Natural Equilibrium Facials

Natural Equilibrium facial treatments are more aligned with traditional facials, however I use professional, all natural or organic products, which are aligned with my holistic philosophy: “Treat the skin like you would treat a cherished baby, with great love and tenderness, without causing harm. No nasty chemical burdens for the body to have to deal with later.” All my Natural Equilibrium Facials include a professional skin consultation and analysis followed by your prescription for fabulous, luminous healthy skin.  I use traditional steam therapy, extractions (if necessary), and very specific massage techniques to stimulate macro- and micro-dermal circulation and lymphatic drainage. This assists the body to eliminate toxins easily, encouraging a healthy environment for cellular regeneration and healing to occur. Enjoy this organic treatment in my Picton clinic.

The Goddess – 60 mins

Calling all Goddesses! Yes, you Girl! If you’ve been around to see more than a few sunrises and full moons, this facial is packed with Goddess power and energy

Replenish Me – 60 mins

This beautiful facial is great for dry, dehydrated or ageing skin in need of some intensive moisture and nourishment.

Restore Calm – 60 mins

This facial deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin whilst being calming, cooling and soothing to fragile, sensitive skin.

Rebalance and Purify – 60 mins

This facial is great for oily or combination skin types in need of rebalancing clogged pores and restoring purity.

Illuminate Me – 40 mins

This is a quick, pick-me-up, brightening, booster facial, ideal for a special occasion or just to reveal healthy clear skin.

Face and Body Packages

Pure Indulgence Holistic Facial with Reflexology

Package 90 mins - Pure Indulgence is your total facial and body balancing in one. Designed to bring you into a state of deep relaxation and inner nurturing, restoring harmony to body, mind and spirit